Christmas in America

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1788 Christmas Sermon
A sermon preached by James Dana in New Haven, CT on Christmas Day, 1788. Read Sermon
1818 Christmas Sermon
A Christmas sermon preached by Aaron Bancroft in Worcester, MA in 1818.  Read Sermon 1838 Christmas Sermon
A sermon preached by Joseph Dow in Hampton, NH on Christmas Day, 1838.  Read Sermon

1844 Christmas Sermon
A Christmas sermon preached by Robert Hallam in New London.  Read Sermon

Christmas with the Presidents
Throughout the years, America’s presidents have celebrated Christmas as the birth of our Savior. This short video highlights some of the remarkable artifacts from our collection to show how Christmas has been commemorated under various presidents. Read Article & Watch Video

Who Was Charles Carroll?
Find out more about Charles Carroll, an American Founding Father. Read Article

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