Unconstitutional in so many ways, Common Core is NOT ok !

Common Core Timeline: Who, When, Why – How Repaying “Education Debt,” Through Social Justice Became Common Core (from marxism that underlies to communism’s ties)

Common Core: The HistoryCommon Core has many players in the background that most of us are not aware of. This has been a long-time coming, and a hard-sell for a vast cast of Progressives, but sell it they did, and eventually it received the clueless support of state Governors and departments of Education who thought Race-to-the-Top bribes would shore up state education coffers. Surely, no one would teach that the Boston Tea Party was a terrorist action or that Allah is “God,” or that Shariah law provides for the poor and has an exceptional code of moral conduct. Who would believe that could happen in America, but it did. These soldiers for socialism never drop-out. They started movements years ago, networked and are still key players. Below is a timeline showing interconnectedness of programs like CSCOPE (graphic below) culminating in Common Core, the fundamental transformation of education, including determining who your child becomes. Common Core is about racial justice, social justice, education justice, and education debt. You owe it, “they” don’t. Can’t figure out how this happened in your state? It’s all about the money (explained below). If you have time for nothing else, read the very last paragraph…

Common Core (part 2)

Eaten Apple.This page is building an ongoing database on the Common Core web that is ensnaring American children, leading them, teaching them to be “human capital,” look not to their parents, but to the government, be blood-typed and followed from their earliest years. It’s at least a $600 Billion industry.

If you are new to researching Common Core Standards Initiative, it will be overwhelming. Don’t give up…